A lounge that is a philosopher by day and a rock star by night

Since opening some 15 years ago, Bardo has deservedly earned its reputation as one of the main social and cultural hubs of Beirut, where people get together to eat, drink, sing or swing.
Opening early in morning, the mostly local resident population come in for a good cup of coffee or a full hearty Lebanese breakfast… always with some well served solaced.  The mood is calm and productive during the day, with a changing menu of delightful Asian and Mediterranean specialties of salads, curries, grills and stews presented with exquisite taste.
With its signature golden ceiling and floor/podium seating area,  Bardo becomes more lounge-y by evening – a truly versatile space that goes with the flow of its clientele, often hosting art exhibitions, film screening, concerts or dance shows.


  • Phone: 01.340060
  • Website: Yes
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Address: Hamra, Beirut

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