Creative Space Beirut

Local fashion school & clothes brand

If you’re fed up with all that’s on offer, would you know how to design your own made-to-measure wardrobe? Here’s a chance to wear your own thoughts & feelings.
Creative Space Beirut, based in Downtown, is a free school in fashion that runs a three-year program for those who don’t have the means to pursue an education or career in fashion design.
This fashion school was founded in 2011 by Parsons graduate Sarah Hermez and her former professor Caroline Simonelli, who wanted to offer students from diverse backgrounds a chance at something they loved.
So they created an innovative and safe space which welcome students from all over the country, including Palestinian refugee camps, and helps them foster dialogue among each other as well as nurtures and advances their talents.
Creative Space Beirut focuses on technical skills to encourage a holistic understanding of design, which in turn helps them turn their passions into solid skills, and encourages forward thinking.
The garments produced by the talented students are showcased and sold in a public exhibition at the end of each year. The money generated by the sales is 100% reinvested into the school to provide the same high quality and education for its future students.
At the end of the program, the students will have earned an impressive portfolio, assistance in finding a job and a second family!

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