The man behind boutique shares with us his Khawatem journey!

A long-time admirer of Beirut, Wadih moved here from Damascus a few years ago and feels the contemporary energy of the city to be a far better place for artists and designers than in the past, along with its fascinating history, and ancient architecture & culture blending perfectly with the vibrant modern city and of course its fantastic rich social scene.

Wadih, who has a degree in Gemology, has always seen way beyond the gem as a stone, but as a form of art. To him, art has always been an expression of colors and textures, and jewelry, though a form of art, is also pleasure… and almost an obsession. It’s not only me me me, but also I I I … He wants his jewelry to embody someone who is Independent, Intelligent, and Intellectual.

Jewelry, like actions, can speak louder than words, and today, Khawatem is a concept jewelry boutique, featuring handcrafted limited edition jewelry along with an open art space for hosting multi-disciplinary artists from all over the globe. It’s the perfect example of a successful collaboration of talent on all fronts: designers, sculptors, calligraphers, painters, architects and artisan.

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