Chateau Qanafar

Enjoy a glass of wine at this fine wine boutique

Making its mark on the stunning mountains above the town of
Khirbet Qanafar is a family-owned winery that ensures the highest quality of wine possible!

For Château Qanafar, the main key to making one of Lebanon’s finest wines is having a passion for the grapes, which all come from 17 hectares of vineyards owned or managed by the family themselves to ensure only clean & fresh berries enter their fermentation tanks.
Château Qanafar also has a boutique in Beirut where you can try their finest wines – complete with a super spread of delicious bites to make for a perfect evening.  There are numerous wine tastings/tours that take place where you can try some of their delicious and sensual bottles of red, rosé or white wines made with love & hard work.
Check out the winery itself and view the vineyards, walk through the fermentation area, take in the barrel room, explore the bottling line and bottle storage process.

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