Al Falamanki

Traditional Lebanese café with terraces onto Raouché Rock

Opened back in 2017, and like its older Achrafieh cousin, Al Falamanki Raouché is constantly buzzing with energy and vibrant with people and chatter.  With both indoor and outdoor seating, the design is nothing less than exceptional, with unsurpassed attention to detail.

this café’s savvy and fun loving developers, Tony El Ramy & Mario Jr. Haddad, went on a road trip across Lebanon on a quest to find premium ingredients hidden in Lebanon’s lost villages, where authentic production techniques withstood the test of time, giving the products a richness in flavors and quality.

As for entertainment at Al Falamanki you will never run out of options; you can indulge in a game of cards or backgammon while being swept away by Fairuz’s melancholic voice and Raouché’s magnificent view.

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