Villa Badaro

Charming cuisine with an exquisite backdrop

Exit the concrete jungle and unwind in Villa Badaro’s lush garden lounge designed to lift your spirits.
This real hidden is an old Lebanese villa transformed into a graceful arabesque house with a fish pond, large trees and reassuring atmosphere of brightly colored cushions.  Until the early 20th Century, Badaro was still part of the Horsh (Park) and thus one of the last hoods of Beirut to be developed with its wide pavements, grid-like street layout and splendid ArtDeco architecture.

Sinking back into your chair, with a tea infusion or refreshing cocktail, one can only marvel and wonder at how it felt like to be here in the early years of The Republic, as all this was coming up…

  • Phone: 03.771844
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Address: Badaro, Beirut

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