Belvedere Art Space

Established and emerging contemporary artists from around the world

A dream that was built from the ground up and finally became a shining reality!
Passion for contemporary art is the driving force behind the creative duo that is Belvedere Art Space. Both founders, Aal Chammaa & Nour Jarmakani, have a background in interior architecture/design as well as art history.
They studied hard and worked even harder to put together an impressive portfolio of interior design work and curated artwork for clients over several years. But the true dream was always to give this artwork a home and share their passion with their local and regional community in an environment that is welcoming for the expert as it is for the amateur.
Thus, in 2018, Belvedere was born, located in the heart of downtown Beirut, showcasing curated contemporary artwork by artists from the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.



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