Atelier S/Z

Home accessories with a twist

This design store is the brain child of Sibylle Tamer Abillama – an artist who has always been inspired by her frustrations & emotions, which then become the engine of her creativity.  The ideas are originally from the old Lebanese traditions, but products are created with a very modern twist to result in a quirky unique designs.

Sibylle Tamer Abillama obtained a degree in fine arts from ALBA in Lebanon in 1998 and went on to join Parson’s School of Design in New York City.  Her work is a function of both heart and brain – feelings and thoughts – that are often a result of what she sees as an ugly world with its frustrations and problems, and through her work, trying to get inspired into creating something positive out of it.  The result is often quirky but always functional.

The multi-talented Lebanese artist has also extended her creativity to a special photo exhibition which is a wakeup call for the deteriorating life in this country, and to supposedly try to find a solution to the internal political problems in Lebanon in an artistic way.  She has exhibited her masterpieces internationally.

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