Barjis Design

Customised & ready-made colorful & eclectic furniture

“I still remember how I felt, the music I was listening to while working on this couch ~flowers in her hair~. “ Owner and designer Hala Habib expressing her passion for her work. 

“Anyone can make the simple complicated, creativity is making the complicated simple.”
Eclectic, one-of-a-kind, alive, dynamic and full of youth, Barjis is happy in every corner. Each creation is a lovechild, special and unique in its own design, style and spirit.

Come home after a long day’s at work to something is that is pleasurable to both the eyes and body — to an elegant yet bold armchairs, poufs, sofas, coffee tables and fun little home accessories in this jazzy boutique, where the Palestinian-Lebanese heritage, vibrant patterns, Arabic typography and floral geometry are just some of the design fabric combinations used.

Stop looking for a beautiful place, and make yours THE beautiful place!

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