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Here is a one-stop organic and Eco-living shop pushing you towards a cleaner, healthier, sustainable lifestyle… To rediscover our home, our planet, and to always remember that Earth is our host.
Have you tried their new Birch Sap detox?  Northern Europeans have used this beverage for centuries to purify the blood, and it is said to be beneficial for the emunctory organs, helps alleviate joint pain, and amazing for the skin.  And a healthy diet is essential when doing a detox! Try one of the vibrant colored legume rice range – an excellent substitute for regular rice or pasta in any dish or to get the kid in you to eat your legumes in a fun way!
Be good to your body and discover organic products that will enrich your day. Stock up on completely natural shampoos and creams that will leave your skin and hair feeling revived.  Be selective with food that can truly nourish your mind, body and soul and heavenly scents that will bring you at one with nature.

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