Aaliya’s Books

Independent bookshop with literary bar & café

Named after the feisty heroine in Rabih Alameddine’s An Unnecessary Woman, Aaliya’s is a delightful English language bookshop that also doubles as a café and bar with occasional live music at night.
In September 2016, Aaliya’s Books had just one book; it’s very story own in the making!  The owners wanted Aaliya’s books to be a community for book lovers to socialize and be surrounded by everything they love – Books, comfort food, and endless refills of coffee to fuel their creativity.

Since then, it has really become a gem of bookstores due to its unique literary atmosphere that encourages and bring together authors, readers, bookworms and bibliophiles for all kind of social events such as poetry nights, book launches and storytelling evenings.  This lively bookstore has a friendly vibe and is the perfect place to chill out and read in the heart of Gemmayzeh.

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