Backgammon, books & delicious Lebanese cuisine with terrace

After moving locations within Hamra,  t-marbouta has become people’s go-to safety haven where they share the same interest, participate in cultural activities and get intimate with the works of brilliant artists.
It’s an all-around experience, offering you more than just food, narguille, and Turkish coffee.  With that being said, delight your senses with traditional Levantine cuisine in a Lebanese-style setting whilst enjoying a game of backgammon on low straw stools and cushioned benches listening to the eclectic sound of Middle Eastern music.
Hidden away along the busy Hamra street; t-marbouta is much more than a restaurant serving the best of local cuisine – it is a melting pot of fun and ideas and has been a significant part of Hamra’s rich history.
What’s more, you can also set your calendar to their daily menu with vegan options.

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