Creations by Wael Farran

Exquisite and limited table designs

Wael Farran Studio, a living proof of that statement, is an interior architect who has been pursuing excellence through dedication and more than 19 years of experience in his field.  It’s his fascination, his ongoing passion. 
Farran’s interior architecture design work has been featured in a variety of local and international magazines as well as on regional television stations.
Designing is giving part one’s self.  Down to earth yet extremely meticulous, interior architect Wael Farran Studio believes that every creation he does starts and ends with the heart. “A piece of art, a piece of my heart” he always confirms, smiling.
Among his many work, he created a home away from home called Littlekite, a guesthouse located in the old town of Tyre, that offers beautiful views of seashore for all to experience the beautiful lifestyle of tyre as he have his whole life.
Make sure to check out his amazing work and visit his extraordinary guest house in Tyre.

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