Oslo Ice cream

Ice cream made in heaven in Hamra

Succulent desserts, and ice cream in particular, has always been a passion of Nayla Audi.   And after spending some time in the kitchen of restaurant Patina in Los Angeles and developing and refining the art of ice cream making, she returned to Beirut in 1997 and started her own ice cream brand called oslo icecream.

A brand that prides itself on the use of only fruits in season and natural top-grade ingredients making more than 50 novel flavors from Rose-Loukoum, Pistachio-Halvaand Pomegranate, to Coffee Toffee Crunch, Chocolate Chip and Salhab.

Sorbet & ice cream sticks and pops make sure you can have your (ice) cake AND eat it whilst on the go  Gluten free options also available, loads of new treats always on offer, and everything beautifully wrapped and packaged… truly.

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