LB 193

Restoration workshop and mid-century design small gallery

Furniture is all around us, but apart from being useful and aesthetically pleasing, truly great pieces come with a story to tell.
That is especially true for restored pieces by LB 193; A workshop dedicated to restoring mid-century designs bringing out the faded glamour (or a new one) into their identity.   LB193 are quietly but proudly resurrecting everything from phonographs & lamps to tables & chairs.
This is all achieved by the amazing Tracy Klat, who besides being a mother and wife, is also a passionate furniture restorer.   Anything from an old school 70s Abracadabra chair to 60s iron frames and ‘scoobidoo’ chords or a lovely retro armchair… just name it and Tracy will magically sort this out for you.
You can often see Tracy carefully and creatively working away in her shop on Badaoui st, amidst the beautiful collection of finds that she’s collected and awaiting touching up.
Because you know what they say: “The best things in life are old, loved & rescued”
  • Phone: 03.402985
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: Instagram
  • Address: Mar Mikhael, Beirut

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