Feryal – the mouneh boutique

Tasty products from Lebanese villagers

After years of experience touring through villages across the country this family business has brought all their great discovered tastes & flavors to this lovely boutique in Beirut with everything now in one place.  Beautifully packages products are handmade, produced in season and traceable back to the village of origin and made by artisans who love what they do.
Feryal – the mouneh boutique is a Lebanese family business, by the Taha family. Mama Feryal, Papa Faleh and son Kamel (2 other sons living in France & Swiss are also involved)… They all adore with fierce pride their Lebanon and its land and the produce… so they decided to set up this boutique in Achrafieh selling top quality local ingredients – from thyme to jams and grains to oils- must-have mouneh! 
This shop is not about nostalgia, it is about identity.  They believe that food can tell stories of magical powers to reveal the soul of a country.  So they created something, a brand that showcases Lebanon in a special way and awakens everyone’s collective memories.  They want to propagate a contagious sense of pride in Lebanese food and traditions, uniting people from all areas and communities

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