L’Atelier du Miel

Beirut’s honey tavern

 From cherry blossom to wild spring flowers, the beautifully designed L’Atelier du Miel boutique is a treasure trove of local honey bees offering beautifully packaged succulent syrups from the cedar trees, juniper, thistles and other local plants from around Lebanon. 
Founded in 2013 by three young men whose journey began when they bought a number of beehives and began shifting their location to follow the flower blossom across the mountains and valleys of Lebanon.  This was a huge discovery for the architect, the engineer and the business consultant who otherwise lived and worked in Beirut: a window to the regions, flowers and the seasons…
L’Atelier du Miel quickly became a startup that shared its discoveries with their customers, an invitation to immerse yourself in nature, craftsmanship and good taste – and as a personal journey of discovering beehives across the Lebanese countryside.
Find yourself immersed in flavors, smells, & colors of nature by visiting their boutique in Achrafieh that offers more than 30 different types of honey in Lebanon as well as a variety of honey-based products: jams made with only fresh fruits and honey, nougat, cakes, marrons glacés and other delicacies.

P.S Add visit a beehive to your bucket list.

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