Metal & Wood

Modern, traditional & playful handcrafted timeless designs

As we all live and love the contrast of this city where the street’s scent of the jasmine tree is mixed with the fumes of every day life, Metal & Wood has taken this into their mesmeric furniture items mixing the sensuality of wood with the colorful malleability of metal.

Over the last decade, Rached Sultan and his team have designed and created one of a kind custom furniture, working with selected artisans who have developed an intuitive use of raw materials.

As they like to call themselves, THE MAKER OF THINGS!!  But not just things…. AWESOME things!🔥♥️ We love the modern vintage feel of their items which adds a creative touch to our home regardless of its simple originality.  And you know what they say, there is beauty in simplicity!

As Rose Tarlou once said: “Furniture must have a personality as well as be beautiful”

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