Cafe Younes

Neighborhood Cafe with quality artisanal coffee since 1935

Bought by Amin Younes, Sr. in 1960, it was first installed in the Downtown branch of Café Younes, where Abou Anwar used to roast the coffee. It stayed there until 1975, the onset of the Lebanese war.
18 years later, as Amin had taken over the business, he decided to move the machine to the basement of the Hamra branch, where it can be found today, roasting 500 kg of coffee a day, three times a week.

Be morning, afternoon or night, Café Younes exudes a neighborly delight.  Eavesdrop on others while you sip on a creamy latte and enjoy a hearty snack.

A mix of art students, philosophical characters and cheerful personas can always be spotted reveling in heated yet amicable discussions.  With the backdrop of Beirut’s hustle and bustle, here is the perfect pit-stop to add a twist to your day!

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