Middle Eastern inspired lounge wear

In 1992, three visionary ladies – Lina, Dina and Christine – teamed up to open Liwan; a brand of modern Middle-Eastern inspired lounge wear and home-wear based on a living and simplified version of forms built upon the ancestral savoir-faire of the artisans of Lebanon.  If a sultana from long ago needed to shop for herself and her home, she would probably program her time machine to take her straight to Liwan.

This nomadic and Eastern Mediterranean boutique in Mar Mikhael has a website where you can discover Liwan’s unique handmade creations, and experience the feel of the oriental nomadic past adapted to the present.  Discover the royal marriage between ancient Middle East and today’s contemporary trends with elaborate bedding, robes, coasters and much more.  
One can’t find everything at Liwan, but what one does find is unique.

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